See how Maine patients rate their primary and specialty care providers.

The Maine Patient Experience Matters campaign is an initiative of the Maine Quality Forum to collect and publicly report patient experience survey data about primary and specialty healthcare in Maine. Key to the project was the use of a standardized survey instrument that allows for valid comparisons to be made across medical practices in Maine, regionally and nationally.

Patient experience includes what happens to patients from the time they make an appointment to when an appointment is over - including any follow-up services. National research shows that patients having positive experiences with their healthcare providers are more likely to seek preventive care, and be more active and engaged in managing their health. By measuring patient experience, healthcare providers can identify areas for improvement and patients can make informed choices about healthcare providers. For more details about the survey instrument and how the data were collected see About the Data.

The Maine Quality Forum conducted this project in collaboration with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Quality Counts, and the Maine Health Management Coalition which together comprise the leadership of Aligning Forces for Quality in the State. We applaud the leadership of the practice sites and providers who voluntarily agreed to have their patients surveyed and to make results publicly available on this website.